Animal Shelter Perplexed by Giant Mystery Dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


He’s an unusual sight at the City Animal Shelter; a big dog – almost 120 pounds.

“Somebody is missing a ginormous dog,” said Gina Knepp, the Manager at the Front Street shelter.

They’re not sure of his name, or even what kind of dog he is, besides a big one.

“The jury is out,” said Knepp.  “Could he be part wolf?  Maybe.  He could be a lot of combinations of things.  We won’t know for sure unless we do a D.N.A. test, which we are not going to do here.”

What they do know about the big fella, which is also part of the mystery.

“He’s not fixed.  He’s not chipped.  He’s not wearing a collar.  He’s not wearing his digits around his neck.  So we have no one to call,” added Knepp.

The big guy is housed in the largest single pen the shelter has, and he’s eating at least four times as much as regular dogs.

He’s also very popular.  A single Facebook post reached more than 37,000 people the first day it was up, just not his owner. Yet.

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  • lifeinpleasanton

    That is an Indian dog (native american indian) which is a cross between a wolf and other breeds. Highly intelligent of course.

  • tahoeaway

    Speculation and falsely labeling any dog as a Wolfdog or Hybrid causes nothing but problems and usually kills any chance it has for adoption. This dog seems very social and looks to be a Malamute/GSD mix. Hoping he will be able to get past the label and find a furever home. Giant Malamutes can be much larger that 120 pounds and contrary to popular belief they aren't mixed with wolves.

  • Purrfectgroomer

    I have been trying to contact the front street shelter regarding this fella. A Purrfect Groomer would like to groom him professionally for FREE to make him feel better and show well if and when he is approved for adoption.

  • shanon

    He looks like my dog. My dog is akita/wolf hybrid. He actually looks like my dogs brother that my sister had and turned up missing out of her yard a couple yrs ago. They are very smart. He is beautiful.

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