Where to Watch FOX40 News During the World Cup

Weekend Temperatures Creep Toward Triple Digits

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Drink plenty of water this weekend.

Everyone had a bottle of water Friday at Folsom Lake for the first day of the Big Wake Weekend boat races. The temperature outside topped out in the 90s. Saturday could be even hotter.

“We want to warn everyone to hydrate, wear sunscreen and be in the shade as much as possible,” said Lynn Egen, the EMT coordinator for the lake.

In the event that someone does suffer from heat stroke, 200 EMT volunteers will be on Folsom Lake throughout the weekend.

FOX40 spoke with several spectators carrying cups, many of them with alcohol inside. Drinking alcohol when it’s really hot outside is the worse thing to do to your body. Alcohol will dehydrate you and can hinder the ability to regulate your body’s temperature.

Nate Brown has spent years in the scorching heat, as a race team owner, he’s seen the pit crew go down from heat related illness.

Brown wants to make sure the races go on and everyone is safe.

“Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of people with our crew get heat exhaustion or sunburn,” Brown said.
“Everybody out there in Sacramento, drink plenty of water, not pop.”

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