Where to Watch FOX40 News During the World Cup

Don’t Talk on Your Phone in Line

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A complaint that came to FOX40 was about people on their cell phones while at a cash register or customer service counter; the main point of contention being the person on the phone ignoring or only giving partial attention to the customer service employee.

FOX40 found one place where cell phones are not allowed at the counter — the DMV, and it helps keep the operation running smoothly. The south Sacramento DMV office sees a lot of traffic: up to 500 transactions a day.

Contrary to what some people may believe about the DMV, spokesperson Artemio Armenta said they don’t want you to spend all day here.

“Efficiency is one of the key things, getting customers in and out as quickly as possible.”

Along with being able to set up appointments on-line, another time saver is easy to spot at every terminal. There are signs posted asking people to stay off their phones while at the counter. The reason for the rule is the same as why it’s illegal to not drive distracted.

“You could be a distracted customer,” said Armenta, “You’re at the DMV and we want your attention, confirming information with you: birthdate, license, (license) plate number those are all digits that are important.”

The sign weren’t always there, but Armenta said the DMV found itself needing to post the reminders a few years ago.

“For the DMV employee trying to conduct transactions it started getting distracting,” he said. “A distraction to the customer, distraction to other customers, (and) the inability to get the information we’re trying to convey.”

FOX40 found plenty of people following the rules in the south Sacramento office — using phones only in the lobby, putting the phones down at the counter, one guy even stepped away to take a call.

It’s great etiquette not just for the DMV, but any counter or register.

Artmenta reminded, “Hang up the phone, put it away, and focus on the transaction.”

And don’t be that guy.

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