Pot Growing Operation Uncovered at Gas Station, 3 other Sites in Yuba City

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Authorities made their move Tuesday and busted four pot growing operations in Yuba City.

A total of 450 plants were seized – including 50 plants in a back room of the 76 gas station along Colusa Highway.

Net-5, Yuba County Sheriff’s narcotics task force, has been working on the bust for four to five months. Currently, two men who were running the gas station have been arrested – 32-year-old Eric Hien Vu and 26-year-old Binh Khoa Vu, brothers and El Cerrito residents.

Along with the gas station, a 2-story rental house near Andross Avenue and Bowen Court, a facility along Bailey Road near Tudor Road, and a storage place near Lincoln Road and Garden Highway were served search warrants.

Eric Hien Vu, arrest, yuba city, marijuana, sutter

Eric Hien Vu faces conspiracy and marijuana charges after being connected to an illegal marijuana grow.
Courtesy: Sutter County Sheriff

About 25 to 30 plants were found inside the Andross Avenue home. Authorities say the whole house was outfitted to be a grow area.

The gas station, Bailey Road and Lincoln Road facilities were all outfitted for growing operations, complete with watering and electrical systems.

Authorities are trying to write search warrants for two more storage units.

The gas station is owned by 60-year-old Hung Van Vu, the father of the two men arrested. Authorities say they are looking for Hung Van and want to talk to him.

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  • mikoollowrentow

    What a waste of time and money! Go get some of the many meth heads in Yuba City and Marysville or some of the heroin dealers.

  • Candice

    Why would a NARCOTICS task force be concerned with a cannabis grow? There’s really nothing better they could have been doing in those months? How about doing something involving actual narcotics? It would be great if our tax dollars went to stopping a drug that is actually illegal in our state