Tenants and Landlord at Odds over Ceiling Damage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Disaster struck at the Riverfront Apartments in Land Park after roofers reportedly left the roof uncovered.

Unexpected heavy rains caused the ceiling collapse and displaced more than 21 units. Most returned after the repairs, but those who didn’t say they want justice.

“Heather without the release being signed you are legally obligated to your entire lease. You are financially responsible for your lease break fee,” former resident Heather Chalin said, reading an email from the complex owner.

That owner, Clifford Orloff, says the complex offered tenants affected by the collapse a place to stay and an option to get out of their lease, with conditions.

“We’ll let you out of your lease obligations but we want you to release us from any obligations we might have,” Orloff told FOX40.

Chalin says she’s entitled to her monthly rent and deposit back, but Orloff argues that she broke her lease.

Orloff adds that he only had problems with Chalin and another tenant, Leah Adversalo.

“The release of liability was given to me the day I turned in my keys. I did not because I had damaged done to my property after the water damage had,” Adversalo said.

Both women say they’re being bullied into signing a waiver of liability and they just want their money back.

Kimberly Easton filed this report.

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  • 4N4L0G

    The owner told us all after the collapse that he would let anyone who wanted to go out of their lease. He never mentioned anything about a waiver of liability. Only after people started talking about payment of damages did he bring up the waiver. So he nailed them after there was no return. Nice guy huh?