Art Installation Depicting Wives, Mistresses and Lovers of Governors Pulled

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Sacramento artist Maren Conrad produced a unique collection called “Politically Vulnerable.” It depicts wives, mistresses and lovers of California Governors.

The collection had graced the walls of the Vanguard Bar until a female lobbyist complained about it.

“It’s really sad for me because in some way. I feel like these women are being silenced once again, their stories are being silenced,” said Maren Conrad.

The portraits included Linda Ronstadt, the former girlfriend of Governor Jerry Brown, and California First Ladies Nancy Reagan and Maria Shriver.

“I am inspired by Maria Shriver. I think she is an incredibly strong woman and I can’t imagine going through that amount of emotional turmoil and coming out on the other end so composed integrity in tack with so much class and so much grace,” said Conrad.

Conrad says lobbyist Donne Brownsey with Sacramento Advocates read a brief in the Capital Morning Report and sent an email to the bar’s marketing firm complaining about the theme.  Then, the collection got yanked. Conrad, who wanted to spark conversation about her women in the portraits says what happened is unfair.

“Your mistakes aren’t just your mistakes alone … they are something that happened between two people and both people have the right to tell their story,” said Conrad.

At least one art lover agrees with Conrad, so much so Glenda Corcoran bought the entire collection. Now the portraits will be displayed on the walls of her home.

“The collection is amazing. It was about women, made by a woman and now purchased by a woman, I can’t wait to install it.”

The collection will remain on display at Conrad’s studio at the downtown plaza for a couple of week and will then be placed with its new owners.

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