School District Arguing What to Do on Bus Driver’s Overtime

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It’s been three weeks since we aired our investigation of the overtime budget and schedules for Twin Rivers Special Education bussing and driver Lu Mega.

“I broke the rules by leaving early,” Mega admitted to us in our story.

But still, the Twin Rivers School Board is arguing over what to do about it.

“An independent firm to audit, to review and suggest any changes within our Transportation Department. Um … There’s just too much media attention,” said Board of Education Trustee Michael Baker, at the beginning of Tuesday night’s board meeting.

But not all his fellow trustees saw it that way.

“I can’t agree with that kind of thing. There has been, I think, rumors and there’s been people who talk about different things in that particular area. But to my knowledge there’s been no complaints,” said Board Member Linda Fowler.

That prompted me to take an unusual step as a journalist and get involved in the story. I addressed the board myself, detailing the results of my months-long investigation. It’s an investigation I already took to the school district’s administration. They refused any specific comment.

But, with Mega’s time cards claiming $1,000’s in extra duty or overtime, and with the District’s special education transportation budget running $71,545.33 in the red, would the trustees need a complaint to take a closer look?

Regardless, after I was finished other drivers said there had been other complaints. Not just against Mega, but also against the dispatcher who assigns his routes. One other driver said they are dating.

And our records show Mega and his dispatcher do live in the same home.

It’s enough, in the end, to drive the trustees in a different direction.

“If these comments that I’m hearing are correct, I think what we need to do is have some discussion on it,” Fowler said.

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1 Comment

  • miss_vicky

    I hope you are able to show us the end result of that meeting. Why aren't time cards kept better track of? With all the budget cuts and school closures they should be paying better attention to where the money they do have is going…