Men Stage ‘Fatherless Day’ Protest Against Family Court

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fatherless daySACRAMENTO-

This Father’s Day, there are some Dad’s who don’t want a new tie or a cold beer, but simply a chance to be a parent.

Call it ‘Occupy Family Court’ or ‘Fatherless Day.’ There was a protest Friday afternoon on the west steps of the State Capitol against a family court system they say automatically rules in favor of mom during a divorce, without giving dad a chance.

“From a biased family law system and the pain that father’s go through, many fathers have to go through Father’s Day without actually seeing their own children,” said Fred Hayward.

Divorce is messy and the impact on the kids can be permanent, and the father’s protesting Friday said if the custody is shared equally the damage can be minimized.

“Typically the father has to pay child support and never sees his kids except every other weekend and the children suffer,” said Jeremy LeRoux.

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  • john Hubbard

    So true I live in Ohio and this state sucks for dad’s I’d love to be a part of something like for Ohio. I pay $1000 a month in support while my ex works part time and I only get to see my kids 16 hrs a week on my long week with them.

  • Phedra

    I disagree with your comment. There should be SHARED custody so both parents have a say in the raising of a child. Money should not be a deciding factor. Both parents created the child and both should have equal rights. In a case of shared custody, no one should pay child support.

  • Fathers4Justice

    Hey John,

    Fatherless Day is in all 50 states every year, you should join the F4J-Ohio yahoo newsgroup, start there, work with the other parents and be ready to bring about awareness in Columbus, Ohio next year.

    I have protested in Ohio many times, it used to be one of our most active states. The male ego keeps us from affecting a change, especially in Ohio. Some people, usually the newbies, believe there is a problem with the law and they fight the weaker of the 3 branches of government, the legislature for a change. Problem is, those are wasted years, The judiciary is the problem in all 50 states, the judiciary legislate from the bench, they make rulings based on receiving federal funds, not the law nor the best interest of the child.

    If you want change anywhere, you must unite with others within the groups, stay focused on your objective no matter what anyone says, and stay true to your campaign for what is actually, your children's rights.

    Our children need both of their parents to play an equally active role in their lives, anything less is an act of child abuse.


    Donald Tenn
    Fathers 4 Justice
    Check out our website and the videos section some of those we from OHIO!

  • Fathers4Justice


    You have failed in this response… That is not the resolution and not what children need or want. Our children need the love, guidance and security of both of their parents.

    Shutting any parent out of the lives of their children is nothing less than an act of Child abuse. JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN FOR OUR CHILDREN'S RIGHTS!

    United we can and will affect a change!

    Donald Tenn

  • Fathers4Justice


    You are spot on but watch your verbiage. Many people have shared parenting. Shared parenting can actually mean 1 day a month, NOT RIGHT!

    What our children need and quite frankly we should not have to fight about and if we do, we should be rioting bin the streets. Any parent who is fit and willing to share in their child's lives should never have to fight to do so.

    EQUALLY SHARED PARENTING is what our children need.

    Fathers 4 Justice

  • Luis de la cruz

    This is so true, I went to court last week in the Bronx, NY asking for custody of my 7 and 8 years old based on abuse and drug use from the mother to my children, the judge just sent her to parenting and anger management classes.. Oh my if it would have been me I would be in prison… So unfair

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