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Dramatic Rescue Atop the Sierra Buttes Caught on Film

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It looked like something out of a movie, but yesterday’s daring and dangerous rescue in the Sierra Buttes just north of Downieville was all too real.

After several attempts, two dads can now celebrate a happy Father’s Day.

“I am realizing it was less than 24 hours ago that I was wondering if I would ever see him again,” said Richard Deschler, Austin Deschler’s father.

It started when 16-year-old Austin and his 17-year-old friend were stranded atop a cliff more than 10,000 ft above ground.

“We got to the top and realized there is a massive gap,” said Austin.

Deschler and his friend say they veered of the hiking trail to get some pictures. What they found instead was a dead end.

“I realized wow we are really high up and there is no way down,” said Austin.

The boys were able to use their cell phones to call for help. California Highway Patrol used the phone to track their exact location.

Battling heat and wind gusts more than 20 miles per hour, the CHP’s air division could not risk sending someone down to rescue the boys.

After several attempts, CHP lowered a harness from an airplane and the boys made it back safely.

“That was probably one of the more technically difficult rescues I’ve seen,” said officer John Nielson.

“It was terrifying at first to see there was nothing below me,” said Deschler.

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  • Hubert Hunter

    My wife and I are the ones to call 911 Sierra county sheriffs department we stayed on the fire tower until the sheriffs department showed up an we showed them where the kids were . There was no trail where these kids were so your story has some very inaccurate information in it. These boys are lucky to be alive today because most cell phones don’t work up there on top of this mountain range .My wife was lucky to find a spot where hers would work I’m sure 911 Sierra county can support what I’m saying.

  • gbeatie

    I love it when Media gets ahold of a story…….Bravo Fox 40……That story was 80% BS.
    Your reporter should get the facts first.. You should see the video footage The S.O got….Way better.