UC Davis Exchange Host Mom Disputes Allegations of Mistreatment

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


For the past decade, UC Davis host mom Sandy has welcomed students from all over the world. That is why she says she was shocked by the allegations from her last UC Davis exchange students.

“The students and I had no problems at all. I was not aware of all these issues,” said Sandy.

UC Davis Exchange students Azume Horiguchi and Sewon Jeong say they each paid more than $700 a month for at least two square meals a day, but were only fed small breakfast food items.

Sandy says she bought the girls fruits, vegetables and fed them all the meals she fed her family. She also disputes the girls most shocking claim — that they were forced to shower near an outdoor pool.

“She (Sewon), said no we are going to go to the gym and I (Sandy) asked her if she needed to use the shower. She said no we are showering down there (the pool shower). That was her choice,” said Sandy.

The host mom also says she has had no complaints from other students over the years. In fact, she has been featured in the brochure for WISE, the organization that facilitates the exchange.

“Again, these girls are alleging they were unhappy. If you look at the pictures you see these girls were very happy.” Said Sandy.

Sandy believes the girls were eager to break their contract, which motivated the allegations. She says she has sued the girls for the false accusations.

UC Davis Extension said Sandy’s ability to host new students would be put on hold until an investigation is completed.

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  • sabootro

    What was not shown or stated due to Fox 40's time restrictions, was that the two students have learned they can live on their own and tired to get out of a contract by making false accusations. More importantly, the girls have been found to be scamming different agencies with different accusations and have gone as far as making false police reports. They are now facing criminal and civil charges to include, theft, false police reporting, and breach of contract.
    The students had a brought their friends over for sleep overs to the homestay and would brag about how they had a great home. One student even wanted to extend her stay. Host family learned of these problems when she came home from vacation. She immediately called UCD and WISE to confront these allegations but was told she was not allowed. There are countless emails, pictures, text, witnesses and even letters of support from former students from around the world. She has been asking almost daily to meet with the girls, UCD and or WISE; everyone has denied her the right to address the allegations. Even the officer was surprised to learn of Azumi's 'news' allegations as he had conducted an informal interview with her where she disclosed her stay was good but, that she wanted to move out later to be roommates with other students and acknowledged she still owed money to the host family.
    For those posting comments without knowing the situation, please make sure to inform yourself before making ignorant comments. These girls have changed their story from 'great home, but I prefer a better diet' to 'it is a dangerous environment' to ' the host dad is too quiet and I want a more talkative host dad' to ' I need a host family that makes more money so I don't have to pay tickets to amusement parks my host family goes to'. Currently the David PD is working with the family after finding the girls to be making false reports against host families. The girls have now stepped back and are saying they never said such things. These girls apparently were upset to know they were bound by contact to pay a 30 day notice and upset to know they had to cook their own breakfast. Their current complaints have now changed and they state that although they only pay $2 for 2 meals, bagels, toast, eggs and cereal is not enough and dinner should not have a set time or limit. Apparently they think they are coming to a resort rather than to study and not abuse the money their parents paid to have them go to a good, safe home and not to move into a party house as SeWon has done.

  • republikkkans

    kiss the $700 a month goodbye , good now maybe she can get her lazy self out of the couch and get a real job

  • Grijalvad

    Nice try, Sabootro. Sandy's true colors were apparent in the scathing email she sent to the student(s). Forget about Fox40's time restrictions; you've provided ample information in your epic response that should gain the attention of the media across the globe. Your conditioned response will be forwarded to the Consuls of Japan and South Korea. Outstanding follow-up, Ms. Munoz. UC Davis is now to be commended for keeping Sandy from hosting new students. Keep in mind, there are many other student exchange agencies out there; it may be only a matter of time before Sandy can open her heart and home to other vulnerable students.

  • Danielle Grijalva

    Sandy’s true colors were apparent in the scathing email she sent to the student(s).  Forget about Fox40’s time restrictions; you’ve provided ample information in your epic response that should gain the attention of the media across the globe.  Your conditioned response will be forwarded to the Consuls of Japan and South Korea.  Outstanding follow-up, Ms. Munoz.  UC Davis is now to be commended for keeping Sandy from hosting new students.  Keep in mind, there are many other student exchange agencies out there; it may be only a matter of time before Sandy can open her heart and home to other vulnerable students. 

  • sabootro

    republikkans must fall under the ignorant list mentioned above. Unless you know someone, you shouldn't speak, write or blog about them without being directly informed. You just sound stupid. This family has has a retired military man who has served several tours while the other has served as a legal advocate for rape victims, sets fund raisers for dignitaries as well as for children with disabilities while directly working with our community assisting children with special needs. What do you do republikkans that helps the community? The country? The city? The children? The Victims? Apparently you have never heard of people renting out their rooms. Let me help you so you don't continue sounding stupid. Two of the county's judges, many many teachers, police officers, college students and your basic blue and white collared workers host exchange students from around the world. I wonder if you offer rooms rent free. Maybe you can collaborate with the host and assist by placing some of the homeless or victims of domestic violence in one of your rent free rooms. Several agencies will be very open to that idea.

  • sabootro

    Actually, UCD has apologized and has directly placed another student in the home. A student, who like previous students, have stated the home is better than they expected. I assume you bring scones and a cup of tea to those who abuse the system, take your money and and use you for their benefit. You are either very green, young, another opportunist, or simply ignorant. Either way, UCD, WISE and the Davis PD were able to see through these two girls. Oh, the consulate in Korea has actually been involved and aware of the crime the student has commited and is not too happy with,,get ready SE WON! yeah, not ok to lie. So Danielle, please, if this will affect you, you're involved or if you have spoken directly with any of parties, the agencies, or police department, keep your ignorant comments to yourself. It always surprises me how many idiots post without direct knowledge.

  • Grijalvad

    You seem nervous, Sabootro. Are you? Your comments sounds like the rantings of someone cognizant of their own organization’s liability. So, per you, USD has apologized and already has another student in the home? Another great follow up for Ms. Munoz! You are a blabbermouth that doesn't know when to stop. Keep up the awesome work. Sad thing is, are you going to take USD down with you?

  • joydog1

    Sabootro, please keep your comments to yourself with regards to a person keeping their "ignorant comments to themselves". People like you are not to be believed.

  • joydog1

    Do you have proof that UCD placed another student in this "Sandy's" home? If so, you need to provide it.

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