Huge Marijuana Grow Uncovered Deep in the Cosumnes River Preserve

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Chomping through woods, water and poison oak, a team of officers, deputies and wardens throughout Northern California bust an illegal marijuana grow.

“When we are walking in we are prepared for battle,” said Robert Farrell from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

After two months of planning, the team enters the site tucked deep in the Cosumnes River Preserve. They find a small grow of no more than 500 plants, but it’s enough to cause serious damage to natural resources.

“On average, a marijuana plant requires five gallons per day. As you can imagine that is a lot of water.”

The growers mix toxic chemicals directly in nearby rivers, then pump the water with black tubes to feed the plants.

“This was all natural habitat at one point, and now we have wet ground. It has been full of poison. It is full of pesticides.”

The site is typical – tents, food, trash and sometimes, human waste.

And with the grow comes a growing trend: 207,000 plants were eradicated last year in California. While more than half of that has already been confiscated this year alone.

But as more than 2,000 pounds of Tuesday’s remnants are hauled away, these men know they’ll soon be back, doing it all again.

The job now is sifting through the evidence to see if they can find a link to any suspects.

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  • malcolmkyle

    "What of the cripple who hates dancers? What of the ox who loves his yoke and deems the elk and deer of the forest stray and vagrant things? What of the old serpent who cannot shed his skin, and calls all others naked and shameless? And of him who comes early to the wedding-feast, and when over-fed and tired goes his way saying that all feasts are a violation and all feasters lawbreakers?"
    —Khalil Gibran

    It is the Prohibitionists, a wholly malignant scourge of absolute scoundrels, who are literally strangling the Constitution and starving Freedom to death. And until the Freedom and Constitution of our once proud and prosperous nation is secured these same prohibitionist parasites, with their promotion of organized crime, murder, terrorism, corruption, and economic recession, and who carry with them a disease far fouler than Old Testament leprosy, shall be hunted down removed from public life and punished accordingly.

    Prohibition is an absolute scourge —The End!  The use of drugs is not the real problem, the system that grants exclusive distribution rights to violent cartels, terrorists, and corrupt politicians most definitely is.

    Prohibitionists are simply traitors that haven't yet been Tried and Executed!