VIRAL VIDEO: Unhygienic Food Practices at Golden Corral?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A video going viral purports to show food being left near the trash cans at a Golden Corral restaurant in Port Orange, Fla.

Since being posted by YouTube user Brandon Huber on July 1, the video has gotten over 2.7 million hits.

Huber posted this description on the video-

“i have been listening to the young people working there tell me horror stories for some time. i watched as this young man try turning in a statement dated dated for june 2nd 2013. The management team refused to let him turn it in, by giving it back to him, the area manager blew him off when he tried to turn it in……. when he sent me a picture of this food and where it was i couldnt believe it.”

Monday, Golden Corral issued a response to the video through their Facebook page. Eric Holm, owner of the restaurant depicted in the video, apologized for the incident.

“To be clear, this inspection was conducted by Golden Corral Corporation. Brandon Huber did notify my area manager of the issue, and we acted swiftly to dispose of all the improperly stored foods. No guest was served any of this food that was handled improperly,” Holm wrote.

Holm also calls out Huber in his statement.

“Brandon Huber actually assisted in the disposal of the food items the day before he posted the videos. I am personally disappointed that Mr. Huber chose to post the videos and make false statements after the situation was corrected,” Holm wrote.

Above is the full video Huber posted to YouTube. What do you think?

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  • esco

    That took guts to post , thankfully for public safety he did. I'm not sure I'm buying Golden Corral's explanation here. Ugh!! XP

  • Trisha Gardner

    I agree with Brandon this is disgusting it takes a strong person to come forward with this informati this is the kind of guy that we want cooking for us because you just never know what they’re doing behind closed doors truly disgusting