Police: Man Killed Dog, Threw it in Trash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Sacramento Police say a man beat his dog to death and threw it in the garbage Tuesday evening.

Officers say 46-year-old Aaron Cesena’s brother had reported that Cesena was intoxicated. He told police that he had just beaten his dog.

“It’s horrible — thinking about what could have transpired prior to us getting there,” said Officer Michele Gigante.

Police showed up to the home on 35th Avenue and found the dog, dead in the garbage, according to the daily police activity log.

Cesena’s brother told FOX40 that, in a drunken rage, Aaron picked up the poodle and slammed it to the ground.

For police, it was a hard situation to deal with.

“It’s a terrible situation, us finding the the dog in the trash, us contacting the people who actually witnessed this,” Gigante said.

Cesena was booked into county jail for a felony charge of malicious cruelty to an animal.


Ian McDonald contributed to this report.

Aaron Cesena, 46

Aaron Cesena’s booking photo. (Sacramento POlice Department)

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  • BrnEyedgrl83

    Just looking at him you could tell that he's a loser that has more than likely been in trouble with the law before. 46?? He looks a lot older than that…DRUGS!! Just say NO, kids! Hope they really throw the books at this idiot…or put him in a room with someone that'll be his a$$ with his hands tied behind his back so he understands what it feels like to be defenseless and beaten by a moron. Ugh! People like him make me sick!

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