Stockton Police Shot at with High-Powered Assault Rifle after Traffic Stop

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Four suspects, one armed with a high-powered assault rifle, all accounted for.

Stockton Police’s Community Response Team and the County-wide Gang Task Force tried to make a traffic stop in August Knodt Elementary School’s parking lot Wednesday evening.

But the suspects took off running to the school grounds. Then things got violent.

“The suspect holding the high-powered assault rifle opened fire at armed officers. Officers fired back, striking a suspect,” said Officer Joe Silva with Stockton Police.

That suspect was taken to the hospital, but officers didn’t have an update on his condition as of Friday night.

Soon, two other suspects were taken into custody. The fourth and final suspect was found on the roof of the school. SWAT members were able to get the guy to come down and into handcuffs.

Residents in the neighborhood are frustrated about the violence that continues to be a problem.

“We just got to be more cautions and careful and pray more, and just be on the lookout,” said one resident.

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  • pantherstealth

    Good job to Stockton LE for the forward effort to clean the streets. Maybe one day Stockton won't be a nightmare city.

  • s10stealth

    "High powered"? I'd like to see one of those… Did it have a modified fuel injection system? maybe a blower? headers?
    "High powered" is just another scary word for the media to use just like "assault weapon".
    Was this weapon a "FULLY" automatic weapon?
    I will just believe that the media is trying to scare people… AGAIN, until they show/describe the weapon to prove that they're doing their job.

  • _MolonLabe_

    Weapons with selectable fire are illegal in CA and have been for a while now. It should of been impossible, with the laws we have, for these subjects to obtain it. I don't get it.

  • Brett3232

    It was a 7.62x39mm round. Why would it matter if it was full-auto? They were fired upon with an assault rifle regardless.

  • Brett3232

    You'd think right? If the idiots passing the laws would realize the people committing crimes with these weapons are convicted felons and not the legal guns owners we Americans might get somewhere. And maybe, just maybe think of making stricter punishments for these felons and not law abiding citizens.

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