Pair Arrested for Indecent Exposure Work for the State

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A day after being arrested for exposing herself  to children in a Davis park,  FOX40 has learned Wenyi Xu was performing her alleged park peep show on a day off from her job – with the State of California.

The fact that she wasn’t  scheduled to work Wednesday, the day of the arrest, is one of the few things spokesmen with the Department of Healthcare Services would say about Xu.

The others details, released via a written statement from department spokesman Norman Williams, are that she is a “Research Analyst II. She started at DHCS on January 16, 2008.”

As shifts wrapped up at the department Thursday, colleagues were shocked.

“I have three boys, so I would be upset with that,” said another woman as she grimaced about a fellow state worker’s alleged behavior.

There was shock to be shared at the state Separtment of Public Heath.

A Level 3 staff services manager there – Nicholas Robert Bowen – was arrested with Xu, cuffed for taking pictures or video of what witnesses said she was taking off.

Again, because personnel matters are confidential, the department could say very little.

Through a written statement spokesman Mervyn Perera shared that Bowen  “was hired January 9, 2012.  He was not scheduled to work July 10, 2013.”

A search of court records shows a man with Bowen’s name and birth date was convicted of indecency with a child in Texas in 1983.

Bowen remains behind bars and declined FOX40’s request for an interview.

Wenyi  Xu has posted bail, but her mother said she wasn’t at her Folsom house when FOX40 stopped by late Thursday afternoon.

Soon after that visit a woman matching Xu’s description pulled into the garage at her home.

But when our crews knocked again no one answered.

Neighbors can’t believe it all.

“Just disturbing, knowing the amount of kids that live in this neighborhood,” said Maryann Hewitt, a neighbor of  Xu’s.

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