Man Murdered in Rocklin was a Chico State Hall-of-Famer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Chico State Hall of Famer Bob Vickney was an incredible athlete and lived an extremely exciting life. Friends say Vickney, who died a violent death after being stabbed in his own home by a family friend, will be remembered by celebrating his life.

“He’s been a true brother. We go back to college days. We played college football together. We share a very rare thing and we were both inducted into the hall of fame together at Chico State,” said best friend Jim Mavor.

Vickney wore number 57 as a middle linebacker for Chico State. He was known for his incredible athletic ability in football and track & field.

In 1986, Vickney captured the title of shot put champion. He is also known for in Rocklin for his great coaching.

“He coached Rocklin Football Junior Thunder to the only undefeated season they ever had here. One of his biggest pride and joys,” said Mavor.

Mavor then holds a picture of him and Vickney posing with former University of Oregon football coach, now network sports analyst Mike Ballotti, and said Vickney was also heading up their football reunion – which was to be held within the next few days.

“The sad thing is our football reunion the first time we were going to have a college football reunion from people from 50, 60 years ago, all the way up to the last time Chico State had a football team,” said Mavor.

Vickney leaves behind step-children and his only biological son.

“He’s an amazing father; he would just jump through hoops for Kyle. He’s been an amazing father and friend,” said Mavor.

Though Vickney is gone, his friends promise to keep his spirit alive. Mavor explained, “Right now there is a whole back yard of kids here consoling his son as you can see here some of these things have been coming non-stop.”

Family members say they appreciate the outpouring of support and can communicate with them via Facebook where they will keep everyone posted on the Memorial Service.

Police have charged 20-year old Zachary Kachmar with Vickney’s murder and are holding him in the Placer County Jail without bond. Kachmar’s arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.



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  • BeKind95677

    YOU and commenters like YOU are what really sicken me. You may want to update yourself, Kachmar was released today pending further investigation, and continuation of arraignment until July 29th.
    Evidence given after arrest, AND witness statements show self defense and/or NO crimminal intent.
    TWO families are devastated, you should truly think before you spew!

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