Residents Target Blighted Areas with ‘WTF Sacramento?’ Stickers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It’s neighborhoods like this the WTF Sacramento project is targeting, where you may have a restored Victorian, beautiful trees, and trendy restaurants – and right next-door you have an eyesore.

“The trash, the graffiti,” said WTF Sacramento campaigner Whitney Johnson. She is heartbroken when she sees properties like this abandoned building on 21st Street. The home is in the same block as historic homes and fine dining.

So on top of the graffiti, Whitney plans to add a sticker with three letters – W.T.F.

“The ‘WTF’ is meant for its shock factor,” said Demetri Gregorakis. He is also part of the WTF Sacramento movement.

The movement hopes their biodegradable stickers get city hall’s attention, but they’re going beyond that.

“We’re not gonna label a place with a WTF sticker before we know what the building is, who owns it, what’s going on with it, why has it been vacant and abandoned for so long,” Gregorakis said.

They then hope they’ll also have a solution, or a hypothetical situation, of what a developer could come in and do.

Evan Edgar works next door to the building and has been keeping it clean on his own. At first he bristled at the WTF proposal, but he may be having a change of heart.

“Well maybe they’ll get the city excited and DTSC to do something,” Edgar said.

Of course, since this project is just getting started, the question of whether it’ll be any more effective than good old fashioned red tape is a matter of time.

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1 Comment

  • MartinezJen1

    Ok….So is this a positive thing? I know that they say first the building will be evaluated and the Owner checked into however in the case of graffiti what if Owner simply has no means to clean up what another vandalized? How will they deal with that and who regulates what control they actually have and how much? It seems to me that our community just needs to be more involved and try to pitch in where others cannot. Sure you can put a "Fix It" sign but who is to say they have the means to do so? So sticking an ugly sticker on an ugly problem just seems to do more Masking than Fixing if you ask me. However, it may scare some slum lords or stingy property owner's into fixing an eye sore…that is, if they have the means to do so.

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