Roseville Reacts to Counterfeit Bust

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Just about everyone in Roseville is talking about the patrolman who took down a major counterfeit money making operation, with just “routine” traffic stop.

“I think that’s awesome that the police went that far and that in-depth,” Said Ted Herman, a local shopper.

“The police they are definitely doing a great job yeah, became really stand out people yeah to worry about, to go the extra mile, the community and our own safety,” Say shoppers Tina Stokes and Janelle Gonzalez.

Roseville police say officer Brian McGlinchey had reason to pull over a car traveling here near the intersection of Harding and Douglas boulevards.

“They actually locate a vehicle with no license plate on it. So they conducted an enforcement stop on that vehicle and identified it didn’t have current registration,” Said Roseville Police Sergeant Jeff Cool.

Once officer McGlinchey pulled them over he noticed burglar tools and several hundred dollar counterfeit bills. He arrested a male and female charged them with conspiracy.

“It is just the way it is now days. I mean all of a sudden we have customers who come in and boom their purse is gone right from their car. It’s like a matter of seconds. So, it’s unfortunate, but it’s kind of the world we live in,” Said Rossi Auarjo, grocery store manager.

But nothing happened on officer McGlinchey’s watch. Once he realized the male had given him a false name, he called the feds about the counterfeit money he found in the car and went with them to re-arrest 35-year old Bobby Louis Jones-Hanley. His hunch was right. Officers searched the Sacramento property and found 350,000 dollars’ worth of counterfeit money.

“It is kind of scary I think. It’s good that Roseville was on it obviously you know it sounded like it was a regular traffic Stop. The cop was aware of what was in the car so big ups to Roseville police for doing their job,” Auarjo said.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by FOX40 News, Jones-Hanley told police he made a half-million dollars’ worth of counterfeit money and has sold 150,000 of it in Los Angeles.

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