Dog Survives after Being Ejected from Pickup Truck

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It was a happy ending for a dog that was accidentally thrown from the back of a speeding pickup truck.

Most driver’s have seen this situation: dogs not properly secured in trucks by their owners.

The female dog, originally named Tundra by the Placer SPCA, now has a new home after being adopted. On July 15, Tundra was seen rolling over a hundred feet across Blue Oaks Boulevard at the Diamond Creek intersection. Witnesses say the black pickup truck she was riding in slowed for a yellow light, then sped up to beat the red light.

The dog hit the tailgate and then flipped out of the truck and tumbled down the road.

“It only stopped after it a light pole … I thought he was dead … I didn’t think it would make it,” said Jenny Pfitzer, who was driving just behind the truck.

Placer SPCA CEO Leilani Fratis said she’s frightened every time she sees a dog that’s loose in the bed of pickup truck. The law is clear: Dogs have to be in a container, like a crate or cross-tethered with two leashes or restraints.  One is not enough because a dog can still be thrown from the truck.

“They literally could hang or they can be dragged along side of the truck and we’ve heard of circumstances like that,” said Fratis.

Tundra was in shock and was skinned badly, but recovered. Pfitzer tried to follow the truck but lost it and the dog’s owner was never identified.

“We kept waiting for a black truck to come back but he never came back around, which was really weird,” said Pfitzer.

A dog owner herself, she worried that no one would adopt Tundra because she was a pit bull. An injured dog can sometimes be hard to adopt out, but the Placer SPCA was able to find a family for Tundra, which was renamed Ruby.

Her loving and sweet personality helped.

“I’m glad she was adopted, it’s great,” said Pfitzer.

The Placer SPCA says if anyone sees a dog in a pickup that’s not secured properly, they should call authorities. Violators can be fined if they don’t follow the law.

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