Thousands of Hens Saved from Slaughter by Area Rescue Group

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


3,000 egg-laying hens, all saved from slaughter.

“They’ve had a very deprived life, up until this point,” says David Phinney, who plays a key role at Rescue Ranch Animal Care.

“This is the first time these girls have been able to walk more than a few inches and spread their wings,” Phinney says about the battered birds.

The Animal Place in Vacaville took in another round of lucky hens today, all taken-in from a farm somewhere in the area.

“We’re contacting agriculture farms and we’re saying, instead of slaughtering the hens you just surrender them to us instead.” But Phinney also says this journey for these hens, is far from over, “Step 1 is just getting them healthy enough to move out, then we start the adoption process”

These birds have been through it all; being debeaked, where a hot metal blade slices off a chunk of their mouth. Then they’re forced into living in tiny cages, some filled with three to seven other hens — all surrounded by their feces, in some areas more than three feet high.

The Animal Place has drastically improved their living conditions, now Phinney says they need the community’s help.

“Our goal is to express compassion for all life and in the process, save as many lives as possible.”

You can donate to help feed these healing hens, it takes just $18 to buy a bag full of food from them. One of those bags will last less than a day for the more than 1,500 hens at the Vacaville sanctuary. The rest of those rescued reside at the Grass Valley animal sanctuary.


Katie Hackett filed this report.

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