Elk Grove Elementary Schools Banning Peanut Products

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Pork barbecue with bread, cheese pizza, sandwich with turkey – just part of the new menu at Carroll Elementary.

What you’ll no longer see on the menu, starting Friday: peanut products.

“In light of more peanut allergies coming into the district, and also with the recent event, we decided this time to take peanut butter off our menu,” said Anne Gaffney, Elk Grove Unified’s nutritionist.

That’s in the wake of 13-year-old Carmichael resident Natalie Giorgi, who died while camping last Friday after tasting a snack laced with peanuts.

Elk Grove school staff are made aware of any students with allergies.

“Staff and everyone is trained on what needs to be taken care of for that child. Parents also fill out a form for the cafeteria so we know any substitution that need to be placed,” Gaffney said.

Any possible oversight would be caught by computer.

“They have to have a pin number in a little pad. Sort of like when you go to the AMT. And that brings up a screen with information about student. So we would know if they have any allergies,” Gaffney said.

A special table is also set up for kids with peanut allergies. Everything on that table is closely scrutinized for their safety. Food choices at the cafeteria offer many choices.

“Menu items are always changing,” Gaffney said.

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