Sacramento Makes ‘Unfriendly City’ List in Travel Magazine

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, noted for its reader’s survey of hotels and travel locations, put Sacramento as 10th on a list of the country’s unfriendliest cities. The dubious distinction surprised many residents.

“I was floored,” said Elizabeth Leonard, who was enjoying a downtown farmer’s market set up on Capitol Mall.

She said she’d been to many unfriendly cities, but Sacramento is not one of them.

The survey’s criteria is a bit murky. It wasn’t clear if travelers met unfriendly people or if the city environment wasn’t welcoming.  Some survey comments weren’t complimentary.

“A bit dingy for being the Capitol of such a beautiful state … not very impressive or class or interesting,” said the description accompanying the rating.  Topping the list was Newark, New Jersey.

Sacramento resident Shaleasima Cummings was also enjoying the farmer’s market.

“I’m surprised … there’s a lot going on. I mean, it’s pretty friendly now,” said Cummings.

Ben Cuevo and his wife and two kids were bicycling down the mall.

“Obviously we’re raising our family here and I think Sacramento is a great place to do that,” said Cuevo.

In Old Sacramento, a popular tourist destination, Tommy Thompson was visiting with his wife and three kids.

“The atmosphere is friendly and the atmosphere is for families,” said Thompson.

His wife Summer agreed. She said time and place play into first impressions.

“If we were downtown and there were more of a business atmosphere it might be different.  It depends on where you are,” said Summer Thompson.

Conde Nast Traveller boasts a circulation of 800,000, but one media analysis says it’s readers are mostly high-end travelers who prefer five-star hotels, traveling abroad and going to beach side communities.

Surveys are often subjective. Just ahead of Sacramento on the list are Los Angeles and Anaheim, two cities that have no shortage of tourists.

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  • Diana Moore

    Yes I agree with the survey Sacraments are the most unfriendlist people I have every come across in all my 14 yrs of living here. And Elk Grove, ca is even worse. When you speak to people they don’t smile or respond back. Life is to short for this kind of unfriendly behavior. This is from the church house to the out house.#keeping it real

  • e_lame_ment

    I think Conde Nast needs to take at who they want to be. Once upon a time it was the catalog for the elite and wealthy traveler. Now they have lost touch with that and are playing the ratings game with any town with an airport or a bus stop. Anyone who believes Sacramento is a destination town, is sorrily mistaken. It's a good medium-sized down-to-earth town that people like to call home and raise their children. It's not that exciting. I don't invite people here to check out the awesome sites. We have what it takes to support the community who like to call Sacramento home. Go away conde nasty.

  • pantherstealth

    I agree. I've lived here my whole life and all I see are inconsiderate, selfish, dangerously uncaring drivers, litter-ers, young idiot punks and jaded/evil old people.

    Hard to find compassionate kind people out in Sacto Society.

  • nwgunner

    Not really surprising. Californians in general seem to think they're great and everything about CA is great. The rest of the country doesn't have the same opinion of CA.

    I lived here most of my life, then I moved away or ten years. Now I'm back and I can really see the arrogance of Californians after having been away for so long. It's really pretty pathetic. Even watching the local news you see this smug arrogance. The cities of CA are populated with a diverse array of narcissists. It really doesn't matter what race, ethnicity, gender, class or political leaning, the belief that anyone and everything CA is better than anywhere else is prevalent and loudly boasted about. It's really offensive to visitors who, in general, come here because we have great weather and not for much else.

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