Flying Pig BBQ’s ‘Super Porky’ Mascot Pilfered

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Go to Flying Pig BBQ and meet the meat that that’s making the cut as some of the best barbeque in Northern California. It’s got flavor. It’s got juiciness. What it doesn’t have is a mascot.

“Super Porky. He’s our mascot. He’s our brand,” said George Miller.

George Miller is the owner of Flying Pig BBQ and of Super Porky, the 40 pound wood carved mascot that no longer hangs about the restaurant’s door. But this little piggy has most definitely not gone to market. Super Porky was Pilfered. Purloined. The statue has been stolen.

“I was like… ‘man, really?’” said Miller.

But Miller isn’t one to wallow in misery. And even though he may be taking some good natured ribbing over the fliers he printed up to get his superhero swine back, if the statue is brought back, all will be forgiven.

“Somebody brings him here, we don’t want to  know their name, we don’t want to know anything. Just ‘thank you very much,'” Miller said.

That means now is the time for whoever climber up to the 12 feet rafters in front of Flying Pig BBQ and snatched Super Porky to save their own bacon. Because if someone squeals on them… well… what’s that other word for a police officer?

In the meantime, Miller will keep serving up his mean barbeque, persevering until that porcine presence once again presides over the portal to his place.

“Three or four times a day people will stop and take a picture with him, even if they don’t come inside. He’s not an icon yet… but he’s getting there.”

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