Traces of Radiation Found in Area Fish Not Dangerous, Expert Says

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It will be 300 years until the radioactive effects of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan nearly two and half years ago, go away.

The calamity knocked out power to the plant, sending its three active reactors spiraling out of control.

Since then, 400 metric tons of water a day is still being used to cool the melted fuel cores.

UC Davis Emeritus Professor Dr. Marvin Goldman says radioactive elements of concern include: radioactive strontium, which behaves like calcium and concentrates in bone; and cesium, a potassium-like chemical element that targets muscle tissue.

Traces have shown up in area fish. But the further away, the effects aren’t as strong.

The Japanese nuclear regulation authority said eventually contaminated water will have to be discharged into the sea.

More troubling is another 400 tons a day of groundwater flows down from the hills into the compound and toward the sea.

Dr. Goldman compares that to an Olympic-sized swimming pool, leaking out of that reactor once a week for some time to come.

But he says not to worry.

“If you talk about an Olympic-sized swimming pool, imagine how many Olympic-sized swimming pools are there in the Pacific Ocean? Even my 300 year story, it’s so dilute,” Goldman said. “It couldn’t even raise the radiation level you and I get each day in our body.”

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  • edwardmd

    IMO, good ole Dr Goldman needs to be fed all the 'safe' 'radioactive' food he can eat. Any 'scientist' calling poison safe, should have live by their 'safe' BS. How many of these murderous blood money scientists would find 'their' poison safe, when they would have to live or die by their BS? NO AMOUNT OF RADIATION IS SAFE. All it takes is one radioactive particle in the right spot, and presto years later, you are dead from a silent, clandestine killer. There is a HUGE difference in walking by a radioactive source, and have that source inside your body. Goldman makes feel the need to vomit. Ed Ward, MD

  • Christina MacPherson

    Not real good for the Japanese fishing industry, though, is it?
    Even if radiation gets diluted in the whole great Pacific Ocean, – it's still pretty concentrated around the Fukushima coast. And then – it's up the marine food chain.

  • MongeePu

    This article has several untrue statements in it. Least of which is how the article alludes that no radioactive water being used to cool the reactors melting fuel rods is being pumped back into the ocean. Currently they are pumping in and out hundreds of thousands of gallons of water daily. The radioactive water is pumped directly to the ocean daily because of the immense amounts required. There is no other way to do this because there is no place available to hold contaminated water due to the fact the quantity of it would require a holding tank the size of the entire island of Japan with walls reaching upward hundreds of miles. Besides the impracticability of storing the water for later treatment and then release into the ocean, there are plenty of paid off scientists willing to give their stamp of approval to the safety of the ecosystems surrounding the radiation generating death buildings. "Don't worry", says paid off scientist schill UC Davis Emeritus Professor Dr. Marvin Goldman, "the ocean is so large it will dilute it to levels not harmful."
    I must agree with comment of edwardmd above, that Dr. Goldman should be required to live, eat, breath and work in the area he has so reassuringly states has safe levels of radiation.
    The radiation from that disaster IS reaching around the globe and it IS doing damage to everyone in its path. Whether it be cows giving milk with radiation in it or beef to be eaten or fish caught anywhere in the Pacific ocean, to anyone in prevailing winds downwind of Fukishima, beachgoers along the shores of the Pacific, to every island and island nation of the Pacific, the amount of poison being dumped into the birthplace of all life is debilitating to say the least.
    The governments are lying to the people of the world. It is pathetic and disgusting.

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