Supposed Domestic Dispute Leaves 11 Acres Burned, Man in Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A domestic dispute literally turned fiery Tuesday, landing one man in the hospital and leaving police searching for the woman who lived with the man.

Police say they are looking for 40-year old Angel Ashbey to get answers to what happened along Pine Tree Court in Pilot Hill.

“We were told she had called someone and they intercepted that call, so they’re still looking for Angel,” said neighbor Rich Rambur.

Dispatchers received calls from neighbors about a man and woman yelling at each other.

“We can hear her yelling – a female yelling – and we couldn’t understand what she was saying and all, but yes. We heard that and by then the fire was really going and it was coming you know kind of in our direction and we were concerned in our direction,” said Rambur.

That fire caused major damage to the home and charred 11 acres, threatening surrounding homes.

“We had a scary night we thought the house would be burned down,” said Rambur.

Fortunately, firefighters managed to contain and extinguish the wild fire. However, once at the scene, they found 57-year old Timothy Maston with injuries to his head and face.

Deputies say Maston told them Ashbey assaulted him before fleeing the scene. Maston is currently being treated at Sutter Roseville Hospital. His condition is not being released.

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