Massive Pot Bust in Ceres Raises Questions over Medical Marijuana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Medical marijuana has been causing confusion for users for more than a decade. But it’s not pot’s side effects confusing everyone – it’s the laws.

“The marijuana grows has always been a problem it’s still a problem,” said Sgt. Jose Berber with Ceres Police.

Over the past four days, Ceres Police took out 9 large pot grows they deemed illegal. 1,200 plants were cut down and carted off, and seven people were locked up on charges ranging from illegal possession of drugs and guns to animal cruelty.

Pot plants are perfectly legal for people holding medical marijuana cards in California. But how much pot is legal?  That’s a bit murky.

“They’re going to have an issue if they are over the doctor limit,” said Lanette Davies.

Davies runs a Sacramento collective. While she doesn’t know the situation in Ceres, she says many medical marijuana users are subject to illegal raids.

“Many recommendations actually are open ended because the doctor doesn’t know how many plants that patient is going to need,” Davies said.

But as police have found out, it’s not so cut and dry.

“There is no way for us to go back and verify the prescription and verify the legality of those forms. Those forms are prescribed by a person that we can’t identify, we can’t get a statement from,” Berber said.

Davies is fighting for change – pushing the state to create hard and fast guidelines.

“Any person that is a patient in California will have a written recommendation. That written recommendation can be used by someone else to grow their cannabis for them should they need it,” Davies said.

But without a new state law – what happens next for these growers in Ceres is up to a judge.

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  • esco

    You get greedy, you get caught. If it truly is for med use keep it small, no need for a ten year supply every year.

  • ShyVang2280

    I have been growing for years. Even though my recommendation says that I can grow 12 plants. Each year I only grow about 6 or 7 because that is all I need. There is no reason to grow more then you need unless you are selling it, which I think that the guys in this video were obviously doing.

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