Family Campaigning for Full Peanut Ban at Elk Grove School Campuses

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Crystelle Berginc’s sons Cayden and Conner are both allergic to peanuts. But, while Conner’s reactions result from simply swallowing, Cayden’s allergies are more severe.

“Cayden has an airborne reaction so he does not even need to ingest it. It just needs to be near him for him to have an anaphylactic reaction,” said Berginc

Now Berginc is asking the Elk Grove Unified School District, where her children are enrolled, to expand their peanut policy.

“We did take a step this summer to take peanut products off our lunch menu,” said Elizabeth Graswich with the EGUSD.

That change was prompted by the death of Natalie Giorgi, 13, who was exposed to peanuts at Camp Sacramento.

Berginc wants the district to take the next step and ban children from bringing peanuts anywhere on campus.

“Just because a child has a hives kind of reaction, one episode can involve anaphylaxis the next. You just don’t know,” said Berginc

EGUSD has trained school staff to use EpiPens to reduce reactions, but like in the case of Giorgi, they are not always effective.

“The allergies are increasing in number for children and you don’t know which one. Why not take the harmful substance out of the school and protect our children as a whole,” said Berginc.

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  • Lilliana

    I understand And for this famy but yet what about all the children who are not allergic??? They must suffer not be able to have any peanuts???? Again it’s not just about the children who are allergic it’s about every child!

  • EdnHSV

    I get the child is allergic, but how is that everyone else's issue to deal with? I mean this person will have to deal with this for the rest of their life. Will they grow up expecting everyone to stop eating peanuts around them? That's just silly. Here's an idea… Mom you and dad should consider home schooling your child, that way you can control the immediate enviroment, not whole the dang school district….

  • yamezrn

    I, for one, support this family. Having a niece that has a peanut allergy and another friend whose son also has an anaphylctic reaction to peanuts, why not reduce the risk? This child should be able to attend school like any other kid. These parents shouldn't have to put their 5 year old child in a bubble for the rest of his life because of how he was born….this wasn't his choice, or theirs. There is always a chance he could outgrow the allergy. If people are so intent on giving their kids peanuts, do it at home and help protect another child. That's part of the problem with society today…eveybody looking out for themselves and not worrying about the kid next to them.
    If peanuts and peanut butter had been banned at this church camp, young Natalie would still be alive. This is a serious problem and people need to start taking it seriously.

  • Jon

    I am also in support of the ban on peanut products in this school district. I have a few familything members and with allergies to peanuts. I also have a friend who lost a sibbling to nut allergies. Allergic reactions to peanut products are often the most severe of any allergic reactions.

    This is not a case of being offended or disliking peanuts in schools. this is about ensuring the physical safety of children with peanut allergies in our public schools.

    a ban on peanut products in schools may be a minor inconvience for some. but it is a very small thing when compared to the accidental hospitalization or death that could happen to one of these children accidentally given or exposed to peanuts.

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