Men Beat Up Store Worker after he Refuses to Give Money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Men Beat Up Store Worker after he Refuses to Give MoneySACRAMENTO –

About five men wearing hoodies beat up a Sacramento Quik Stop worker after he refused to hand over money early Wednesday morning.

The robbery happened at Hurley Way and Fulton Avenues around 3 a.m.

The men demanded the worker hand over money and open a safe.

When he refused, they hit him with a butt of a gun and kicked and punched him. They were able to run off with $100 from the register.

Jazmin Fischer, the wife of a different Quik Stop worker who normally works the night shift, says there have been around four robberies at the store since her husband started working there. She hopes the store will eventually put private security guards in front.

“I just pray to God that when my husband comes back he doesn’t get robbed. It’s stressful. I lose sleep. I catch myself falling asleep at 4 o’clock in the morning. He comes home at 6-7 in the morning,” Fischer said. “I get very little sleep. We have kids. I just pray to God every night that he comes home to me.”

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies.

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  • wethemajority

    This gas station is by my house and has had numerous issues with robbery. I know it's been robbed at least 7 times this year and from what I hear the management know about it and has refused to address it. I sincerely hope this is the wake up call they need to make some changes before someone else gets beat up or much worse.

  • Cindy Pettet

    I happen to married to the worker that was robbed today &he did give the $ over to them as asked. He was workn the shift alone & did not have access to the safe. Per Quickstops rules & regulations. He did everything right. These boys/men were nothing but garbage street thugs . Got away with a $100 dollars

    $100 bucks I fully understand Ms. Jasmines feelings. I’m very sorry you

    have to continue to go through that its

    very rough needless to say . I too have

    had many sleepless night of praying

    &stress of him not returning hone . We

    also hv two children . He has quit

    working there &will not be returning

    That place needs to change a lot &

    hold more value to there employees

    Thats putting it extremly lightly. 7robberys in a two month time frame with no percautions Really what kind if business are these imbosoles running. Please if anyone knows anything at all no matter how small you may find it contact the Sac Police department asap Please &Thank you

  • employeewife

    I am also the wife of another employee of this Quickstop.I live right next door,and am constantly in panic when my husband works graveyard.He was also robbed,on several occasions.Once by 5 thugs carrying duffle bags.He started refusing to work graveyard,because,we too have a daughter.Quickstops solution was hiring Jasmine and Cindy's husbands without informing them that there had been too many robberies to count..and to cut everyones hours to make up on the loss of the store.I can relate to you ladies and my heart goes out to you Cindy.When I found out about your husband,I cried,because I knew something like this was going to happen.They are finally putting in a night window,but in my opinion,its too late.Management has shown that they do not care about the safety of their employees.please,if anyone has any information please come forward.You would want the same done for you if it was your loved one.

  • slick

    I am a former employee of that quik stop amd the coporate office refuse to address the constant petty theft and robberies. I was the assistant manager for a few months. We as employees begged for chamges and they were all shot down per the district advisor. When i was employeed they we the employees constanly put our lives in the hand of quik stop markets inc.. I have been in many sticky situations there. The district advisors constanly said don’t fight just call the police but in most cases the police don’t arrive so then they said if these robberies and petty thefts don’t stop its your job. There were employees that their families refused them to work graveyard because it was so dangerous. I started working graveyard and they told me women couldn’t work graveyard anymore and changed my schedule. That job is so not worth the demeaning $8.50hr