Brawls Keep on Breaking out in Old Town Roseville

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Roseville police want scenes like the February stabbing they had to rush to outside of the Onyx Club to disappear from their streets.

But, someone seems to have hit repeat on bad behavior in Old Town.

“Brawls in the middle of the street with up to 50 people in them. Last weekend we had a woman assaulted by a man. When we arrested that man his relative came to pull him away from us. The weekend before that, a guy in the bar assaulted somebody and continued to punch them until they were unconscious,” said Roseville Police chief Daniel Hahn.

“Sometimes at night it just gets kind of rowdy,” said Traci Unden, as she described an atmosphere she tries to stay away from at in Old Town.

It’s an uncomfortable situation for some customers and an unmanageable one for police, who often have to send every officer on duty around 1 a.m. to Old Town.

“We’ve had instances where every one of our officers is down there. Rocklin P.D. is down there, Citrus Heights is down there, Placer County is down there. So if you think about it if you were to call for police services in west Roseville when that’s going on you would not get anybody. That’s just not fair,” said Hahn.

To create fairness, the city and its police force are working on new operating regulations for Old Town bars.

The proposals include dress codes that ban sports jerseys and hats which can be used to depict gang affiliations.

They also include metal detectors that would be in use Friday and Saturday nights after 10pm.

“The wanding I think is good its smart, just to make sure nobody’s carrying concealed weapons or anything that could harm anybody,” said Unden.

One Old Town regular says the proposed safety changes are nice, but reactive.

He wants to see officers be proactive and walk the square.

“If you have a police presence you cut down on crime. The people that do the crimes know that the police are down here and they’re looking,” said John Crowley.

Bar managers wouldn’t go on camera to talk about the proposals for Old Town, but off-camera several said they felt the changes could hurt business.

Whatever becomes new city policy, those in disagreement will be able to seek redress with the police chief and then the city board of appeals.

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