Seven Reported Sick at Galt High School, Entire Student Body Sent Home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Labor Day weekend got just a touch longer for students at Galt High School today. Early in the school day, seven kids in and near the music and band room got sick.

“They presented with stomach cramping. It looked at first that it could be flu-like. We didn’t know if it was maybe food poisoning and we kept looking for patterns. When we couldn’t find a pattern between all seven students, we said it could be something else, just to make sure there weren’t any environmental factors that were perhaps causing the illness,” said Galt High School Principal Maria Orr.

Cosumnes River Fire and Sacramento County Hazmat teams were called in to check the air and water quality.

Sophomore Ramon Cortez saw one of the sick students on his way to the bathroom during first period

“Over there by the color guard, I saw a little girl lying down once I came back. I was like ‘Whoa, that’s kinda weird’. One of the securities went and they were like step away, like she was sick,” Cortez said.

The rest of the more than 1,000 GHS students got quite a shock over the intercom.

“It was like, ‘All students at this point, you can go home’, because there’s like something going on,” said Galt High School junior Jaclyn Mays.

Hazmat told FOX40 off camera things weren’t adding up, but they’ve got some time to do the math. Because of Labor Day and a teacher buy-back day Tuesday, students won’t be back on campus until Wednesday.

Despite the commotion, some things still business as usual here at Galt High School. The football team will play their away game as scheduled this evening.

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