Woman Suing Sheriff’s Department, Saying She was Target Practice

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It was June 11, 2012 at Somerset Store located at 5931 Mt. Aukum Road in Somerset in El Dorado County. Two women walked into a liquor store, got into a confrontation with the cashier and walked out. That cashier called 9-1-1. Dashcam video shows a deputy responding to the scene, the women in the blue pick-up take off.

The women lead that deputy on a short pursuit, lasting for two minutes.

Miki Templeton was the passenger; she says her friend was the driver. Templeton had a DUI in the past and was unable to drive. At the time, both women were drunk.

They were ordered out of the car by deputies, they were surrounded for more than 10 minutes.

During that time, according to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s report, the women weren’t complying.

This is a direct quote from the report:

“The driver and passenger continued to put their hands down and appeared to be reaching under the seat or near the floor board. I continue to yell for the driver and passenger to keep their hands up. They would lift their hands, then put them back down.”

Deputies also said in the report that the women were clearly intoxicated. Miki Templeton says no matter if she was drunk or not, she complied with the demands and still she was shot.

“They came around to the other side and said get out,” said Miki Templeton, the passenger in the truck. “I tried to get out and they shot me with the bean bag. I tried the second time and was shot again.”

The passenger was also shot with bean bags. Templeton says the passenger underwent surgery — she suffered a bone fracture from the incident and wishes the outcome was different.

“We were scared they could have surrounded the truck and just pulled us out.”

Templeton’s attorney Justin Ward says, drunk or not, his client was injured and has the injuries to prove it and he believes the deputies used excessive force.

“My client never resisted arrest that’s why the resisting arrest charges were dismissed,” said Attorney Justin Ward, he’s representing Miki Templeton.

“Yes my client had too much to drink, but that doesn’t give the officers open season even with a bean bag gun.”

FOX40 did contact El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department, but they didn’t respond. Typically, when an ongoing suit or investigation is happening, law enforcement won’t comment.

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  • OVNative

    OH puuuhleeeze!! The deputies noted that the women were drunk AND the the women admitted to being drunk (and driving). You got into an altercation at a liquor store, and then failed to follow directions. The deputies have no way of knowing if there was a weapon on, or under, the seat, and constantly putting your hands down, where they cannot be seen poses a potential danger. The women are lucky they were only hit with bean bags (i would have tazed the crap out of them).

    I love how freaking people play the victim when stuff like this happens. You don't want to get arrested, or shot with bean bags? DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, OR CAUSE PUBLIC DISTURBANCES!!!!!!

    And PS…. I am not a cop. But I do have close friends who are. The one time that they don't take these kinds of precautions, is the day they don't go home to their families. So before anyone starts to bad mouth their procedures, go out and do their job!!

  • FireStreak_I

    Listen to a cops order and nothing bad will happen. Disobey that order and anything can happen after that. The officers main priority after a suspect becomes disobedient is for the safety of the public, himself, and his fellow officers. when you don't put your hands up when the officers tells you they don't know if you have a weapon or not and if any sudden movement is made they could see that as a threat to them and others and fire on you.