A Chartered Flight for Chickens

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Who says chickens can’t fly?

1,150 hens went on a nearly 3,000 mile chicken run aboard a chartered flight from the Hayward Executive Airport to Elmira, New York, Wednesday night.  The trip cost nearly $50,000 and was paid in full by an anonymous donor.

The hens will live out their lives at sanctuaries on the East Coast

The Animal Place sanctuaries in Vacaville and Grass Valley rescued the hens in July, along with many others, from an undisclosed California egg farm where they were going to be killed and thrown away, according to Animal Place education Director, Marji Beach.

“We told one of our very generous donors that we were receiving two-thousand hens from this farm, and this one person wanted us to save more,” Beach explained.  “And so we said we could only do that if we could get them to sanctuaries on the East Coast.  And the only way to do that was to fly them.  And this donor said, ‘I’ll pay for it.'”

The chartered flight was arranged through Air Partnering Inc.

The Animal Place Sanctuaries still have about 2,000 chickens available for adoption to people who will let them live.  More information is available on the Animal Place website.

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  • Christina

    Wow this is amazing! Thank you to the generous donor and all of the people involved. This is a great step to eliminating cruel the cruel practices at factory farms. It’s great that the public is becoming more aware of the fate of these innocent creatures. I applaud everyone involved! Thank you.

  • Jinngaa

    YAY for chickens!!!! This is so wonderful and nice to hear a sweet story once in a while! I LOVE this! Thank you for the person(s) involved that helped make this possible!

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