Sexual Assault Suspect Speaks from Prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


“I got caught having sex on a bike trail.”

Sacramento Police arrested 20-year-old Eric Mitchell for multiple felony counts of sex assault, including rape—a crime along Altos and Las Palmas avenues last night, witnessed by several people who, police said, did nothing.

“If someone if being assaulted that way, we rely on people to call in to alert us as soon as possible rather than watching or turning a blind eye to something like that,” said Sacramento PD Sergeant David Nasca.

“It’s not rape. It wasn’t rape. That’s all I can say. It wasn’t rape to me,” Mitchell said.

From inside the Sacramento County Jail tonight, Mitchell said the pair regularly hang out and have lived across the street from each other for the past year. This is his account:

“We was just walking, coming back from the store, and she asked me to sex her.”

She asked her to sex her?

“Yeah. So I played along with it and then she started screaming. Both of our clothes is off and that’s when the police came. They seen us both naked on the ground.”

Why would she ask for sex on a bike trail if you guys just live close by?

“Because I couldn’t take her to my house.”


“Because my mom wouldn’t like it.”

Mitchell said at one point, the victim had blood on her mouth, which he wiped off and it seemed to calm her.

What was the blood in her mouth from?

“I don’t know,” Mitchell said.

Did you hit her?

“Nope. I did not hit her.”

Have you ever been in trouble before, Eric?

No, I’ve never been in jail in my life.”

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