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App to Help Stockton Tackle Graffiti Problems

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Stockton’s graffiti problem hides in plain sight. It’s a daily losing fight to keep the streets clean. But, the tagging, trash and broken glass littering downtown are about to get a 21st century cleanup from your phone.

“They can take a picture of an instance of graffiti, trash or broken glass and they can report it to this system. We have about 100 volunteers who are dedicated to cleaning it up as fast as possible,” said Paul Amador from the California Application Research Group.

Starting with a beta test in October, the app will start tackling the blight with a touch screen and a team of volunteers.

“It actually tracks the response time, how quickly we can mobilize our volunteers to clean up that,” said Leandro Vicuna of the Downtown Stockton Alliance.

The app will be free to download in Apple’s iOS and will eventually move to the Android platform.

It will pit taggers against crowd sourced clean-up efforts. The reporting will be anonymous and keep track of what parts of the Port City are getting trashed. It will put the “Broken Windows” theory of crime prevention to the test. If you clean it up, the criminals won’t feel welcome anymore.

“I live in Stockton and I want to live in a beautiful city,” said Amador.

The app will eventually focus on blight downtown, but will eventually cover areas like Westin Ranch and the Miracle Mile as well.

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