Army Vet Awakes from Coma after Horrific Accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


After being in a coma for 32 days, 26-year old Allan Beck is finally taken off life support.

“It’s a miracle absolutely, I watched it. His family, complete strangers have been so wonderful to him,” said Beck’s mother Christine Guida. She continued, “When I really knew he was opening his eyes and he could see me and know that we’ve all been there for him.”

Guida says her son flipped over a bulldozer at a construction site in Marysville and got fired for the accident. Then on his way home to Fresno he got into another accident on Highway 70.

“This could have been anybody’s child, anybody’s husband, anybody’s brother you know when something happens you make a report about it and you try to send that person to the doctor,” said Guida.

Though businesses aren’t required by law to force people to seek medical care, Guida strongly believes had Nordic Industries had her son observed by a doctor following the first accident, the second one would have never happened.

“The didn’t use human dignity … at least make sure he’s alright I would have done it for either one of them, they should have done it for my son,” said Guida.

Guida says Nordic Industries did not take a report on the work site accident and refused to talk with the family about what happened to their son on the site.

We contacted Nordic Industries when we first learned of the story and did so again today and both times the company declined to comment and hung up the phone on us.

Though Beck has been taken off life support, his injuries are extensive and it will take months for him to heal and walk again.

Meanwhile the family has set up a fund for this father of two to help with medical expenses at Wells Fargo in care of Allan D. Beck, II.

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