Shop Owners Vow to Fight Charges they Sold Livestock Illegally

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Feathers scattered all over the ground and a sign that reads, “Live and Fresh Chickens.” The stench is so strong we had to cover our nose when we arrived on scene.

It was clear the owners of the Franklin Market weren’t hiding the fact that they sold live chickens.

One neighbor told us he knew something was out of the ordinary.

“It was flea market style; one day out of the week everyone comes. Its live chickens and they come and get them,” he said.

Problem is, it’s Illegal if you don’t have the proper permits. Sacramento Police say this business was in violation.

Permits are one thing, but Sacramento Animal Care Services says the way these animals were being housed was downright cruel.

More than 200 were found here, packed in tight living quarters – with no food or water for days.

Owners say they were in compliance and did everything according to state regulations.

“We bought the chickens legally, the turnaround is quick we sell them within a day or two,” says Misty Yaj, one of the market’s owners.

Neighbors say this activity has been going for a year. Oddly enough, FOX40 saw a notice from the Sacramento County Health Inspector. It shows the business was given a clean bill of health by the county back in June of this year. What’s strange, the facility name and address don’t match the location of the Franklin Market.

“If you go anywhere where they sell chickens, they won’t let them run around in a cage and that’s exactly what we do,” says Kenny Yaj, another of Franklin Market’s owners.

Kenny and Misty Yaj say they have an attorney and plan to fight the charges they could face.

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