Government Shutdown Threatening ‘Meals on Wheels’ for Seniors

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Seniors First in Auburn says at the end of this month they might have to stop delivering “Meals on Wheels” to 160 elderly people in Placer County. The government shutdown had dried up their funding – and unless the government opens for operation soon, Meals on Wheels and other senior programs will end.

That has seniors up in arms.

“It’s like little kids, I am not going to talk to you because you’re not giving me what I want. They are worse than teenagers,” said Davalene Hancock, an Auburn senior citizen.

“I am very upset with them and the way they have been treating the older and younger. They should be taken out and horse whipped,” said Michael Reynolds, another Auburn senior citizen.

Michael Reynolds gets hot meals delivered to him five days a week. Most of the time it’s the only food he eats all day. The other two days of the week, Reynolds says he simply does without.

“I try and save one back or something and that is what I eat from Meals on Wheels. I won’t eat Thursday I’ll eat Saturday,” said Reynolds.

Jamee Horning with seniors first says Reynolds story is just one of 160 people they feed every day – and just one of the lives that hang on the government getting their act together.

“Disabled can’t leave their house, we have several that are blind and they just can’t fix their own. They need to get a hot meal delivered to them,” said Horning.

Nobody can make the government work together, but you can help keep seniors fed by logging onto and clicking on the big purple button that says “donate.”

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