Governor to Decide on Slew of Gun Control Bills

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It has divided America for decades. Now Governor Brown must decide on whether to make California gun laws even tougher.

“He will make some people happy he will make some people angry. That is traditionally Jerry Brown,” said political analyst Gary Dietrich.

Dozens gathered at the Capitol steps urging Gov. Brown to sign all 14 gun control bills on his desk by Sunday’s deadline.

After a mass shooting in Newtown and more recently a Navy shipyard, gun control advocates say now is the time to act.

“California probably has the strongest gun prevention laws of all the states. When you look at the statistics they are still awful but our laws have prevented a lot of gun violence,” said Julie Schardt.

Among the crowd, a teacher who witnessed the 1989 shooting at Cleveland Elementary school in Stockton.

“We thought it was fireworks. Within minutes it was absolutely silent and wounded kids were coming in,” said Schardt.

Among the more controversial bills is one that bans all semiautomatic riffles with detachable magazines. But gun advocates argue such bills won’t stop crimes.

“Anything you do to make it more difficult to buy firearms and law abiding citizens to get guns you make it more difficult for them to protect themselves,” said Sam Paredes gun owners of California.

Sam Paredes says the state is better off improving mechanisms to conduct mental health backgrounds, but whether the governor will sign any of the 14 bills is a mystery.

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  • kgm656

    You gun advocates are self centered, misinformed idiots that are constantly trying to pass laws to your liking at the same time taking advantage of a senile old cook Governor that doesn't know what he's signing half the time.
    You know damn well that guns are not the problem it's the mental issues of the criminals. You try to pass laws to criminalize law abiding citizens and the criminals sit and wait for these laws to pass so it makes there job easier.
    Do you think criminals are going abide by any gun law? Do you think criminals are just going to hand over there guns?…..NO!
    You should be fighting to enforce the law we have already and untie the hands of Law Enforcement.

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