Man Recently Diagnosed with Dementia Hit and Killed by Car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


If there is a bright side to this story, it’s that John Maykovich died doing what he loved.

“He was a well-known walker. He walked in-and-around the community regularly,” said Doug Elmets, a board member of the Eskaton Senior Community where Maykovich lived.

Dennis Hendrickson and his family live just down the road from the Eskaton in Carmichael.

“We were in the house and we heard the thud. And my daughter screamed, saying ‘Oh my God. There’s somebody laying on the ground,'” Hendrickson said.

His son-in-law tried CPR, while Hendrickson talked to the man who hit the 82-year-old Maykovich.

“He had his wife and kids in the car. He said it was just unavoidable,” Hemdrickson said.

Maykovich had been in assisted living in Eskaton. Elmets says a caregiver was helping Maykovich soak his feet, swollen from the day of walking, when she took a bathroom break.

“She came back at about 8:05-8:10, and he was gone,” Elmets says.

By 8:20, he was dead.

Elmets said John Maykovich had been diagnosed with early-stage dementia about two weeks ago, but he hadn’t been moved to the part of Eskaton where Alzheimer’s and dementia patients live.

That portion of the community is locked, so patients can’t wander away.

“There are many people who live in-and-around the community, who are driving cars and living amongst us, that have some form of dementia. I think that it is not easy to draw the conclusion that just because he had the early stages of dementia, that led him to go out and get hit by a car,” Elmets said.

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