Family Tied to SUV Blamed by Witnesses for Lodi Crash Speak

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Lodi Police are not confirming any driver name or scenario involving the GMC Yukon that many in the community have pointed to as the cause of a devastating fatal crash Tuesday.

Family members tied to that truck are talking candidly about the role they believe it’s played in so much grief.

“It is sad, you know. It just doesn’t make any sense,” said Alisa Moser.

Moser’s overcome with shock and dismay about how she says her dad’s 2002 Yukon ended up in a crash that killed six people and crumpled six cars at a Lodi intersection Tuesday night.

That speeding Yukon has been pointed out by many witnesses as the cause of the crash – it’s driver seen on his cell phone.

“He was on the phone. You could definitely see the phone held up to his ear,” said Jamie McDonald.

Moser says her dad is in the hospital and no one was supposed to be driving his Yukon. She was quick with a name when asked who took it.

“Ryan … Ryan drove it,” she said.

Moser and her brother Landi say ‘Ryan’ is 28-year-old Ryan Morrell, a man who lived ‘on and off’ in a camper parked at her father’s Lodi home. He’s her dad’s girlfriend’s grandson.

“He basically took off on it, without permission,” said Landi Moser.

Morrell’s parents are also supposed to live at the Moser home, but there were no answers to be found there Thursday when FOX40 went knocking.

“Kid looking to go for a joy ride and thinks he’s not going to get caught and that’s what happened,” said Landi Moser.

What some say started with a joyride, ended in undisputed tragedy with the deaths of Luis Miranda, his wife Vivian and four of their children – one of them unborn.

The sole family survivor – little Eden Miranda – remains in critical condition.

Despite the account from the Mosers, Lodi Police will only say that a 28-year-old male driver involved in the crash is still in critical condition.

Search warrants have been executed at the hospital.

The Miranda family plans to hold a Friday press conference at the Mexican consulate in Sacramento at 1 p.m.


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