X Factor Goes Live!

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On The X Factor tonight, the judges announce their teams and pick the semi-finalistsAfter many taped shows and a 4-chair challenge, we’re finally down to the top 16! That means tonight…we go live and get to see what these acts are really made of.

The show is a full two hours tonight. All acts get to perform on the big stage and one act from every group is going home! Wow, brutal…the mentors have to send someone home tonight!

One thing I like about XFactor is, every performance feels like a mini concert. As we often find out though, some acts are concerts I would pay for and others not so much.

Here’s how I see the acts tonight…First up is the Girls:

1. Ellona Santiago – Well…she can clearly sing, but that was a little rocky. Apparently, I am the only one who thinks so?

2. Danie Geimer – Not sure I see a star? But she is very sweet.

3. Rion Paige – I love her…so good!!

4. Khaya Cohen – She has to stay…best voice of the girls!

I’m going to call it…Danie is going home. Yes, I was right!

Now we’re on to the Boys:

5. Josh Levi – Not great, but he seems like a star and definitely has that X-factor.

6. Carlos Guevara – He has to be a favorite…people love his story and his voice.

7. Carlito Olivero – I like him the best out of the boys!!

8. Tim Olstad – Probably the best voice of the guys and he deserves to stay.

I’m not sure who will go home? I’ll go with Tim or Josh. It did come down to them and Josh went home…I’m bummed Josh is going home.

Now we’re on to the Over 25s:

9. Lillie McCloud – Wow…best performance so far tonight!

10. Jeff Adam Gutt – I simply love him and I’ll just get it out now he is my favorite!

11. Rachel Potter – She can sing too…this category is strong! Just a little bored with the whole country thing.

12. James Kenny – He was so good too…I am so glad I am not Kelly!!

I’m going to say James is going home, but none of these acts should go home. Sadly, I was right James is gone.
Now we’re on to the Groups:

13. Roxxy Montana – I like them, but that wasn’t good enough.

14. Sweet Suspense – Well…I guess they’re ok? Not sold

15. Alex and Sierra – Just Love them!! So good and they have not let me down yet!

16. Restless Road – Very rough start, but they eventually got better. Not my cup of tea!

I would send home Sweet Suspense, but Simon won’t. I’m going with Roxxy Montana. Yes, I was right!

Now we’re on to the World Series and XFactor will be back next week! See you then!

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