Driver Recounts Van Dangling from Overpass

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Guardrail dangling on the freeway after accident on 80/Howe Avenue.


With his son translating, Manzoor Ahmad described to FOX40 what it was like to be dangling from the Marconi Avenue overpass.

“No problem,” Ahmad likes to say. Smiling in a way that reassures you, one could say he really is a no problem kind of guy.

Ahmad dangled off the Marconi Street overpass for 10 long minutes Friday. 

“He was feeling that it’s a busy freeway and if it fell down he might end up dying,” said Mahboob Ahmad, Manzoor’s son.

He says that, at first, after fire fighters had attached a cable to the dangling van so it couldn’t slip any farther, his father still couldn’t climb out the back. He couldn’t quite reach.

Then, Ahmad remembered that he was delivering some rims, and he got a bright idea.

“There were boxes of rims so he put four boxes together and climbed up to the top,” Mahboob Ahmad said.

Ahmad says he was was hit by another car and basically pushed off the overpass.  You can still see a streak of maroon paint left behind on the smashed van.

But that’s all that was left behind. The other car didn’t stop, and police are still looking for it.

“It was pretty [cowardly] of him to run off.  If [my father] had fallen down, he could’ve ended up dying,” Mahboob Ahmad said.

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