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Mother Fears UC Med Center Strike Could Delay Child’s Brain Surgery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Even for one day, the impact of a strike can be terrifying.

At UC Davis Medical Center Wednesday, about 30 percent of elective surgeries and procedures were rescheduled to avoid direct impact to patients due to the many medical technicians who joined the walkout.

Monika Moser is one mom who felt the impact first-hand. Her daughter was set to undergo brain surgery Thursday, but the hospital gave her no guarantee of that.

“She is mentally delayed,” explains Moser. “Her brain wasn’t fully developed. It’s extra small.”

Two-year-old Annabeth is in need of her 4th brain surgery in two months. But because of Wednesday’s strike, Monika fears her surgery could be delayed.

“She was supposed to have an MRI today,” said Moser. “They told me it wasn’t even going to happen because all the staff is on strike. Surgery is touch-and-go tomorrow. It depends on the staffing and if they have enough people.”

Although hospital officials have assured Monika everything will be back to normal Thursday, it’s still not good enough in her mind.

“What if, in the middle of the night she needs something like right now and there is not enough people here. I mean, like they’re awesome, super nice people but they’re being very, very selfish. Patients come before you. You are working at a hospital. You are not working at McDonalds and it’s not OK!” Moser said.

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