Urns Containing Remains of Woman’s Husband, Cats Stolen from Granite Bay Home

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A reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of a burglar suspected of stealing some irreplaceable items from a Granite Bay woman’s home.

“They had jimmied the window and crawled in,” said Suella Martin.

Placer County Sheriff’s deputies say Suella had left her Long Meadow Drive home on Oct. 31 to run some errands. When she returned, investigators say she found her home had been burglarized and some valuables were missing.

She believes one suspect climbed through the window and opened the door for his partner.

urns stolen from woman

Not only did the burglars take the urn with the ashes of Suella Martin’s late husband, they also took the urn that held the ashes of her cats Pumpkin and Tiger.

Among the items the burglars made off with were two urns – one containing the ashes of her late husband, and the other containing the ashes of her cats.

“I looked down on the floor, I saw this box and I thought, ‘Oh no,'” Suella said.

Her husband died five years ago from cancer.

“It was 43 years of a wonderful marriage and someone stole ashes,” Suella said.

Granite Bay has seen a spike in burglaries. Criminals look to be casing neighborhoods, checking to see if anyone is home. If not, they come right on in.

Suella isn’t sure who burglarized her home, but as time passes, she feels like her possessions could be long gone.

“I know it’s happened to many other people, but when it happens to you, it really hits you hard,” Suella said.

Anyone with information that leads to the arrest of whomever is responsible is eligible to get a $1,000 reward from Placer County Crime Stoppers. Tipsters can call 1-800-923-8191 or visit the Placer County Crime Stoppers website.

Ian McDonald contributed to this report.

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  • mysaints

    the thing is, if they had gone in and stole all of her jewelry, electronics, etc., those things can be replaced, but not the priceless ashes. that's just low down and wrong. these are the very people that if one were to cause damage to their home or break in, they'd want to kill someone for disrespecting them. go figure.