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Sacramento Library Gets Restitution Check from Embezzlement Case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The Sacramento Public Library will be getting a check for nearly a half million dollars – not in donations, but in restitution.

It all stems from two years ago, when two former employees embezzled close to $800,000 from the library.

The district attorney office says it was a devised strategic plan.

Dennis Nilsson, once the facilities supervisor, and James Mayle, the former head of security for the library, along with his wife Janie created a fictional shell company to oversee maintenance service for the library, the DA says.

“Janie Rankins Mayle redid the billings on her own letterhead and then vastly inflated the amounts of the billings,” said Michael Blazina, Supervising Deputy for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

With the money, trips were purchased and so were cars.

The judge threw the book at them in 2011 and they were sent to prison. During that time, their assets were frozen.

“There were several cars and one home in Folsom sold,” Blazina said.

In all, about $480,000 will be recouped by the library.

“It will be used for things like keeping our library open, making sure our personel are paid , that we have materials available to our patrons,” said Phil Serna, Chair of the Sacramento Public Library.

More money could roll in, with the district attorney’s office still looking to see if they can get cash from other assets.

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