Preparing Your Cars and Plants for Cold Weather

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


With mild sun and mild breezes set to blow right out of the forecast, here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up needing an antidote for your antifreeze.

“If you’ve done any work on your car and filled it (antifreeze reservoir) with water, you’re going to be in bad shape with that. It needs to be antifreeze because it will not freeze overnight,” said John Hutchinson with Red Rocket Auto Repair.

That’s just one of the things Hutchinson says drivers forget after being lulled into complacency by a long fall in the sun.


“Most people don’t realize, but when you turn on your defroster you associate defrost with heat, but it turns on the air conditioner as well to draw moisture out of the air. So when you have A/C problems, it actually negatively impacts your defroster,” he said.

That’s a summer hangover that could really be a bummer right about now.

Jackie Borah’s thinking about staying toasty inside with so much natural A/C on the way.¬†She knows she can’t take a precious rhododendron inside with her, so she’s looking to erase some of the sins of last season.

“I used to wrap blankets around it and that wasn’t helping, a lot so I had to go someplace else,” she said.

Borah came out to Green Acres nursery for some help with frost cover, which allows light and water to get through without the problems blankets pose.

“It’s also lightweight enough to actually cover the plant without getting heavy and weighing it down and breaking the plant,” said Green Acres color buyer Robyn Conley.

And with the Christmas season upon us, there’s actually a cold weather benefit for your plants in those old strands of lights stacked up in your garage.

“Not the LEDs, but the ones that do emit heat. Those are going to be the ones that you can wrap in a citrus hedge,” said Conley.

An unexpected way to share some holiday warmth.

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