Stockton Mayor Rallying Supporters for Fight Against City Council

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Controversial mayor Anthony Silva is asking his supporters to show up at the next city council Tuesday night. In a message to them on his Facebook site, he said the same people who fought against his election are back at it again.

Silva said the “old guard” has plans to replace him as mayor in the next election three years down the road. He said infighting with the council is a distraction.

“That kind of drama and infighting in the city council is kind of ridiculous,” Silva said.

But he also says he won’t back off of his pledge to make the city and council more accountable.

“The residents of Stockton wanted some change,” Silva said.

But backing a alternative tax to fund cops, several nasty spats with then-city manager Bob Deis, and a city council tirade that had some asking for a recall may not be the kind of change some were asking for.

The latest controversy is the hiring of a new city manager. Silva announced the selection of David Garcia, himself a controversial figure who was let go from two cities, several weeks ago. But, Garcia dropped out of the running because he didn’t get his asking price.

Critics said Silva was a loose cannon in making the premature announcement. Silva now says the council sabotaged the hire by backing away from a salary commitment.

Silva says he still wants a cleaner, safer city with more jobs. He says he’s looking forward to the upcoming city council elections that may mean three open seats. The mayor only has one vote on the city council.

“I welcome it … I think additional change on the city council has to happen if to complete what the city residents were starting last year,” Silva said.

Silva is expecting to take more heat at the city council meeting for wanting to make a city manager selection from among the candidates who have already applied and been interviewed. Much of the council wants to start from scratch to ensure the best candidate, even though it may take more time and cost more money.

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