XFactor Down to Six

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Still not happy that Josh Levi went home last week, but we move on. Tonight we only have six acts, so that means they all have two songs. The first song the acts take on Divas and the second will be unplugged. Once again, two acts are going home tomorrow night! Before any songs are sung, I think Carlito and Restless Road should go home, but maybe they can prove me wrong.

Here’s how I see the night:

1. Restless Road – I know everyone loves this group, but I don’t. Sorry…not sorry haha!

2. Rion Paige – She sounded great…more excited to see her unplugged.

3. Jeff Gutt – Awesome…just awesome!

4. Ellona Santiago – She went Diva for sure and she did sound great. I’m impressed!

5. Alex & Sierra – Sierra owned this one…loved it!

6. Carlito Olivera – Poor guy…not good, he is going home.

7. Restless Road – That was better.

8. Rion Paige – I have tears…she is just the sweetest little thing!

9. Jeff Gutt – simple, easy and great.

10. Ellona Santiago – She killed it…she deserves to stay!

11. Alex & Sierra – Pretty sure all they had to do was avoid falling off the stage and they would still be alive next week.

12. Carlito Olivera – He had to have a miracle…it didn’t happen.

We’ll see who makes it out alive tomorrow night!

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