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Man Killed by Amtrak Train in Fairfield

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


More than 12 hours since a deadly train accident, authorities haven’t released much information. What is known is that the area of Ohio and Union Streets – where the incident happened – is surrounded by fences.

An Amtrak passenger train struck and killed a man on the tracks Sunday morning, killing him at the scene.

Area resident Lisa Brown sees a lot of homeless near the railroad tracks. She’s even seen some sleep next to them.

“I see a lot of people walk by the creek … A lot of times people will cross right there. There is a land bridge, but they take a shortcut,” Brown said.

That shortcut has proven to be deadly over the years.

“Kids would race across and two or three got killed,” Marilyn Williams said.

A longtime resident, Williams knows the danger first-hand: her son’s childhood friend was just 16 when he was killed.

“He ran across the tracks and got hit by the train,” Williams said. “They used to race across there all the time. It was big joke to them. It wasn’t a joke after that.”

The pedestrian bridge, connecting Fairfield to Suisun City, was built since Williams first moved here in 1969. Although the number of deadly accidents has been decreased, Sunday’s incident shows the danger is still there.

“They still go across the tracks and other places. You can’t stop kids from being foolish; it’s part of growing up. Hopefully no one gets killed again,” Williams said.

Fairfield Police were the first officials on scene. They don’t believe the incident was a suicide.

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