Sac State Student Under Fire for Controversial Art Project

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Only one word comes to mind when you see these images posted on Instagram: disturbing.

Students got an eyeful walking on the campus of Sacramento State University earlier in December. Two males dangling from a tree with nooses around their necks, portraying a time that many African Americans wish they could forget – lynchings, all because of the color of their skin.

“I think it’s more impactful when you use actual people, sends a stronger message that just a painting,” said Sac State student Alexander Richmond.

That was the message the artist wanted to get across.

An African American woman, Christina Edwards – a senior at the university – defended her project.

“The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter. And says she followed all campus procedures.

The university doesn’t see it that way, however. University President Alexander Gonzalez released this statement saying, in part: “The university did not approve the display, and I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.”

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  • Jasmeene

    This art project puts REAL people in place of a drawing and for that I find it has more of an impact. I am reminded of a piece called “Strange fruit” by Langston Hughes, which depicts the feelings associated with seeing this type of inhumane treatment. It’s not racist.

  • PatInRancho

    Funny how differently the media covers stories depending on the race of the person making so-called "news".

  • American3P

    Thousands of Whites were lynched too. As well as Asians. The artist has this notion that African Americans are the only victims! The artist is biased against Asians and Whites.

  • DerekaGrandon

    "…portraying a time that many African Americans wish they could forget – 'lynchings, all because of the color of their skin'."

    EHHHH!!! Wrong! The lynching was for murder and for rape. Not because "…the color of their skin"

    Jim Crow laws existed to protect white people from black crime and violence.

    Jim Crow laws still exist where black juveniles present a threat to law and order and safety. While shopping malls may no longer ban blacks from entering their property, they often ban groups of teenagers without proper adult supervision on their properties.

    Old Jim Crow laws dealt with black crime by banning all blacks; current Jim Crow laws deal with black crime by banning all teenagers.

    Learn the truth about it…

  • andybinga

    Between 1882 and 1968, the Tuskegee Institute recorded 1,297 lynchings of whites as well as the 3,446 lynchings of African Americans during that period.

    More blacks are killed EACH YEAR by other blacks when compared to the entire 86 years of recorded lynchings. Christina Edwards is a racist trying to play the race card.


    A libtard scrunt using racism as a guise for art. Put her though the same PC rehab treatment you would inflict on white students who violate the liberal sensibilities that govern academic intelligentsia.
    And for the two white @$$holes who participated in this racist stunt: F**k you. If you're students at the college, you should be suspended. Even if you're not, you should be ashamed for being race-baiting tools. Edwards is totally ignorant of the fact that Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Democrat and the KKK was the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party throughout the Jim Crow South.

  • RacistsGoneWild

    Christina will never make it in the art world.

    "… I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.” said Alexander Gonzalez, university president.

    LMFAO. Really? He's going to address all the issues? Mr President, just don't. Seriously, you'll hurt your back. The issues are quite heavy. Trust me, I'm the internet.

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